Venture Capital Trends of 2021

  • The healthcare wave of 2020 will continue.
  • Ecommerce solutions that mix shopping with social media will win deals in 2021.
  • Supply chain automation is the behind-the-scenes industry that will see continued funding in 2021.
  • Startup centers outside of Silicon Valley will grow as a percentage of deals closed this year.

Healthcare rides the wave into 2021

Mental health solutions are propelled by high demand & employer interest

Telemedicine is essential

Biopharma will save the day

The Ecommerce trend goes social

Supply chain automation is the new blockchain

  • Uisee, an autonomous logistics vehicles startup, raised $150 million.
  • Wingcopter, a Germany-based drone delivery startup raised $22 million in a series A.
  • raised $60 million to continue expanding their data-based logistics process automation software across Europe and Asia.
  • Pipe 17, a SaaS to help ecommerce connect and monitor their inventory and fulfillment processes raised $8 million in seed funding.
  • Lastly, Dallas-based Mercado raised $25 million to ramp up marketing for their supply chain automation software.

Venture Capital is moving out (of Silicon Valley)

Keep your eyes peeled for these trends

  • The healthcare trend of 2020 is here to stay.
  • Ecommerce + shopping = deals.
  • Supply chain is the new blockchain.
  • VC funding outside Silicon Valley is growing.




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The Searchable Venture Capital Database. Making VC more transparent, one search at a time.

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